Guests are welcome to attend our meetings. They are usually held at Glenn's Music on Poyntz Avenue. Please contact us with any questions you may have!
Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, September 22nd:​​
KMTA State Auditions Registration Deadline
Saturday, October 9th: 
MAMTA Masterclass for KMTA State Audition participants
Thursday, October 21st: 
KMTA State Auditions Video Submission Deadline


Information regarding event times and locations is provided by various members of the organization. Times and locations are subject to change and is not responsible for incorrect information. Please contact the event chairperson or performer to verify event information.

Recent Past Events 

January 11, 2019: MAMTA Meeting. Program by SongHwa Chae: "Meanings of Dance Titles of Piano Compositions" 

January 25: MAMA Members Recital (Meadowlark)

February 8: MAMTA Meeting. Program by Tetyana Allston: "Trinity College London Music Grade Exams"

February 16: Concerto Competition

March 2:  Piano Fair

March 8: MAMTA Meeting. Program by Mary Ellen Sutton: "Memorization and our students" 

April 12: MAMTA Meeting. Program by K-State Piano Pedagogy students Rinaldi Yonathan (Hand Mirroring Technique/Practice), Barbara Mirano (Teaching students with Down Syndrome), and Wayne Alexander (Sight Reading) followed by a luncheon for retired/former MAMTA members.

April 13: KMTA Music Progressions

May 17: MAMTA Meeting

June 1: MAMTA Honors Recital (UCC)

August 23: MAMTA Meeting (Potluck)

September 13: MAMTA Meeting (Program postponed) 

October 11: MAMTA Meeting. Program by Melinda Pickering: "Eight Steps to a Pain Free Back,"  (Method and book by Esther Gokhale)

November 8: MAMTA Meeting. (Not enough members for a quorum; discussion held, instead). Program by Nancy Blockcolsky: "My Music Story"  

December 13: MAMTA Meeting. No Program 

January 10, 2020: MAMTA Meeting. Program by Paula Moseman: "The Inner Game of Music" 

January 17: MAMTA Member's Recital

February 1: Duet Competition

February 14: MAMTA Meeting, Program by Dr. Jessica Koebbe: "The One Practice Tool Your Students Need: How to help
your students organize, prioritize, and maintain all of their music without feeling overwhelmed"

March 20: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom

April 17: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom

May 15: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom

August 14: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom 

September 11: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program by Dr. Slawomir Dobrzanski: “Beyond Paderewski's Minuet: Polish Influences in American Popular Piano Music"

October 9: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program by special guest, Dr. Janci Bronson: "Technology in the Music Studio: Learning Strategies Utilizing Audio & Video Recordings" 

October 20: KMTA State Auditions Digital Download deadline

November 13: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program facilitated by Melinda Pickering: Sharing new ideas or pieces in each studio 

December 11: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program by Nancy Blockcolsky: "Rock Out Loud Live" 

December 12: MAMTA Holiday Music at the Mall 

January 8, 2021: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program by Mary Ellen Sutton: "'Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music,' by Paul Kildea"

February 12: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program: Dr. Bruce Lin (guest presenter)- Zen Piano Studies: The Role of Piano Playing in Dealing with Anxiety and Overall Wellness

February 13: MAMTA Concerto Competition (in-person and pre-recorded) 

March 12: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom 

April 9: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom, Program by Paula Neihouse Moseman -- "Tonara Online System for Lesson Management"

May 21: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom 

June 5: MAMTA Honors Recital 

August 20: MAMTA Meeting at Cheryl Savage's home 

A big thank you to Mid-America Piano and Glenn's Music for their unwavering support of MAMTA!