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Guests are welcome to attend our meetings. They are usually held at Glenn's Music on Poyntz Avenue or Manhattan Christian College on Anderson Avenue. Please contact us with any questions you may have!
Upcoming Events 
MAMTA Piano Fair
KMTA Music Progressions 
McCain Building, K-State
Saturday, April 20, 2024



Information regarding event times and locations is provided by various members of the organization. Times and locations are subject to change and is not responsible for incorrect information. Please contact the event chairperson or performer to verify event information.

Recent Past Events 

January 14, 2022: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom; Program by Julie Crucian --"Codes and Secrets: Help to Solve the Most Common Teaching Problem" 

February 11: MAMTA Meeting via Zoom; Program by Dr. Olga Kleiankina --"The Language of Music Today" 

February 19: Duet Competition at St. Paul's Episcopalian Church

March 11: MAMTA Meeting 

March 26: Piano Fair at FUMC (First United Methodist Church)

April 8: MAMTA Meeting; Mary Ellen Sutton presented the program, “J.S. Bach, The Teacher”

May 13: MAMTA Meeting 

August 19: MAMTA Meeting at Manhattan Christian College 

September 9: MAMTA Meeting; Agnieszka Lasko, graduate assistant at K-State presented the program “Elements of Piano

Improvisation at the Early Stage of Piano Education.”

October 8: KMTA District Auditions (KState) 

October 14: MAMTA Meeting; Julie Crucian gave a presentation on accompanying ballet classes.

October 30: KMTA State Auditions (KU)

November 11: MAMTA Meeting; Dr. Fred Burrack gave a presentation on “Teaching Improvisation and Creativity.”

November 12: Improvisation Master Class and Concert with Fred Burrack (Manhattan Town Center Mall)

December 9: MAMTA Meeting; Nancy Blockcolsky gave a program entitled “Seventh Chords and Beyond—Cracking the Code."

December 17: MAMTA Holiday Music at the Mall (Manhattan Town Center Mall)

January 13, 2023: MAMTA Meeting; Program- The History of the All Faiths Chapel Organ by Dr. David Pickering

February 10: MAMTA Meeting 

February 10: MAMTA Members Recital at Meadowlark Retirement Community

February 18: Concerto Competition (KState)

March 10: MAMTA Meeting; Program -- Using Microsoft Word for creating recital programs by Nancy Blockcolsky 

March 25: Piano Fair (Mid-America Piano)

April 21: MAMTA Meeting and retired MAMTA teachers potluck luncheon; Program -- “Under the Hood: Are You “PREPARED” to Take Your Students Inside the Piano?” by Dr. William Whipple via RockOutLoud

April 22: KMTA Music Progressions 

May 12: MAMTA Meeting

June 10: MAMTA Honors Recital 

August 11th: MAMTA Meeting

September 8th: MAMTA Meeting; Program by Julie Crucian on new/unknown repertoire for intermediate level piano students

October 7th: KMTA District Auditions

October 13th : MAMTA Meeting

November 10th: MAMTA Meeting; Program by Dr. Bonnie Kellert “Effective Practicing Strategies”

December 8th: MAMTA Meeting

January 12th, 2024: MAMTA Meeting (online); Program by Nancy Blockcolsky: "Taxes and Tips for the Independent Music Teacher

February 9th: MAMTA Meeting

February 9th: MAMTA Members Recital at Meadowlark

February 17th: MAMTA Duet Competition at First Presbyterian Church

A big thank you to Manhattan Christian College, Kansas State UniversityMid-America Piano, and Glenn's Music for their unwavering support of MAMTA! 
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