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Officers and Committee Chairs

Officers are elected every spring in odd-numbered years and serve two-year terms.  Event chairs may change from year to year.


Nancy Blockcolsky


Cheryl Seely Savage


Julie Crucian


Joyce Nelson

District Auditions: David Pickering

Holiday Ensemble Concert: 

Holiday Music at the Mall: Julie Crucian

Members Recital: Cheryl Seely Savage

Concerto Competition: 

Duet Competition:  Joyce Nelson and Cheryl Seely Savage

Piano Fair: Cheryl Seely Savage

Music Progressions: Nancy Blockcolsky

Honors Recital: David Pickering

Membership Contact: Sławomir Dobrzański

Website Administrator: Cheryl Seely Savage

Certification Chair:

Media Library: Glenn’s Music

Past Presidents

1971-73  Rosalys Rieger

1973-75  Mary Jo Kurtz

1975-79  Esther Stein

1979-81  Sharon Montgomery

1981-83  Carol Dodderidge

1983-85  Jean Kitchen

1985-87  Lois Moon

1987-89  Sharon Montgomery

1989-91  Bernice Schoneweis

1991-93  Mary Hanson

1993-95  Mary Jo Kurtz

1995-97  Dottie Kvasnica

1997-99  Lois Moon

1999-01  Nancy Blockcolsky

2001-03  Carol Dodderidge

2003-05  Brenda Harter

2005-07  Bonnie Zack

2007-08  Joyce Nelson

2008-09  Lee Bibby

2009-11  Sibylle Kuder

2011-13  Virginia Houser

2013-17  Nancy Blockcolsky

2017-19  Melinda Pickering

2019-20 Agustin Muriago 

2021-23 Paula Neihouse-Moseman

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