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Find a Teacher

Find a Teacher

Nancy Blockcolsky -- Piano, violin

Glenn's Music & Manhattan Christian College 
Manhattan, KS 

Julie Crucian -- Piano (no openings)

West Manhattan,  KS 66503

(915) 342-3912

Dr. Slawomir Dobrzanski -- Piano (No openings) 

Kansas State University
School of Music, Theatre and Dance 

Sibylle Kuder -- Piano

Lee Mill Heights
Manhattan, KS 66503

Joyce Nelson -- Piano (No openings)

Manhattan, KS 66502


Dr. David Pickering -- Piano and Organ (accepting new students)

134 McCain Auditorium
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 

Renea Reasoner -- Piano (accepting new students)

Manhattan, KS
Cell: 785-209-2886

Cheryl Richt -- Voice

124 Fourwinds Ct
Manhattan, KS 66503 

Cheryl Seely Savage -- Piano (no openings)

3118 Amherst Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66503

Dr. Mary Ellen Sutton -- Organ and piano (accepting new students; no beginners on piano)

1624 Plymouth Rd
Manhattan, KS 66503 


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