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Music Progressions is a non-competitive event hosted in the spring by the Kansas Music Teachers Association.

It is a comprehensive musicianship program divided into 10 levels.  At each level, students prepare two musical pieces and a specific set of scales and chords (according to the requirements of the level).  Each student spends 30 minutes with a facilitator, during which time he or she performs the pieces, scales and chords and demonstrates a knowledge of music vocabulary.  In addition, students must clap and tap a rhythm pattern and play a sight reading piece. All levels also take a written theory test and a listening test.


This is a tremendous tool for training students to understand music beyond just having the ability to play the notes printed on a page.


Students prepare the requirements for a specific level (as determined by accomplishment, not age or year in school).  Therefore, adults and students on any level may participate. It is not necessary to begin at level 1 if a student has the skills necessary to succeed at a higher level.  The private teacher is the person best qualified to determine at which level a student should participate.

To see a complete list of the requirements for each level of Music Progressions, you may access the KMTA website and click on the “Music Progressions” tab.  The requirements for all levels are contained in the Music Progressions Curriculum Guide, which you may download for free from the website.  


KMTA District 3 Music Progressions is usually held the third Saturday of April at Kansas State University.

There is a fee for this event and it is available for all students who study with a MAMTA teacher.

(Text by Nancy Blockcolsky)

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